Surviving a Summer Cold

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Don't Deal With Schedule Conflicts: Why Choose Same-Day Medical Appointments

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When you have health issues, you need to see the doctor right away. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. Appointment schedules fill up fast. That means you could end up waiting days for a doctor’s appointment. In some cases, you might end up waiting weeks to see your doctor. By that time, the need might have passed. That’s where same-day doctor’s appointments come into the picture. Same-day doctor’s appointments help you get medical care right away. Read More»

Surgical Procedures For Hemorrhoids

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Hemorrhoids are swollen veins within the rectum and around the anus. Constipation, lifting heavy items, and being overweight are a few contributors to the development of hemorrhoids. If a hemorrhoid condition does not go away with standard treatments, a doctor may recommend that a patient undergoes a surgical procedure. A Hemorrhoidectomy Procedure This type of procedure is performed on patients who have a severe case of hemorrhoids. An individual may be experiencing pain, a bloody discharge, difficulty using the bathroom, and discomfort while performing everyday tasks. Read More»

What Conditions Can Be Treated At A Urology Health Center?

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Urology health centers can help men and women preserve their urinary and sexual health. If you’ve been experiencing trouble when urinating, some forms of sexual dysfunction, or if you’ve been diagnosed with certain types of cancers, a urologist can help. Here are four conditions that can be treated at a urology health center:  1. Urinary Incontinence Most people have the ability to retain urine in their bladders until they remove it intentionally. Read More»

Appreciating The Benefits Of Undergoing Professional Plastic Surgery

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Physical abnormalities like growths, scars, and congenital defects can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. You might feel like you have to hide the way you look, making you less confident about meeting and talking with people out in public. However, you also may be ready to take meaningful steps to improve your appearance. You may get the results you want and boost your self-confidence by undergoing plastic surgery. Read More»

Reasons Why Drug Screening Is Important At The Workplace

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Many people have different opinions on whether drug testing should be allowed in the workplace. The controversial issue on these tests is on their regularity and whether the test’s outcome is sufficient to fire or hire someone. However, looking from an employer’s perspective, drug screening is imperative. This is because some jobs are risky and involve handling dangerous equipment. Other occupations, such as medical careers, entail taking care of people, thus needing one to be drug-free. Read More»

These Early Symptoms May Signify MS

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So many patients deal with strange, niggling issues for years before they finally connect the dots, seek a diagnosis, and learn that they actually have multiple sclerosis. This late diagnosis is understandable. MS is a very unusual disease, and it presents differently between patients. However, late diagnosis also means that medications to slow the progression of MS might be less effective. As such, if you have any of these seemingly mild symptoms, it’s often worth bringing them to your doctor’s attention sooner rather than later. Read More»

What You Can Do To Treat Joint Inflammation

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Joint inflammation is a condition in which your joints become inflamed and begin to feel sore and painful when you move. You may feel pain in your knees, back, arms, hands, and other joints as well. This joint inflammation may hinder you from doing everyday things, including just taking a walk. If you have joint inflammation, you need to have it treated and should seek help from a physician to be treated properly. Read More»