Surviving a Summer Cold

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Stem Cell Treatments Could Be The Right Choice For Your Chronic Knee Pain

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If a sports injury or osteoarthritis has left you with chronic knee pain, you’re probably considering different treatments that will help. You want to stay active and mobile, and you want relief from pain. While surgery is a possible option, you may want to postpone it as long as possible. An alternative to consider is stem cell therapy. Stem cells are being used to treat knee pain successfully, and while they may not grow a new knee joint, they could reduce your pain and allow you to continue playing golf or cycling. Read More»

What Is Causing Your Chest Pain?

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Have you been experiencing chest pain? If so, you are likely concerned about the issue and whether or not it is related to your cardiovascular system. It is true that some chest pains are related to cardiovascular issues but not all of them. It is also important to note that if it is a cardiovascular issue, it could be multiple areas that are affected. This is why it is ideal to seek the counsel of a medical professional to ensure that the chest pain you are experiencing is not life-threatening. Read More»