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How Manual Therapy Affects Sleep Quality And Athletic Performance

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Sleep is an essential part of being an effective athlete. If you are exhausted, you are going to find it more difficult to engage at peak performance. You might make mistakes that could lead to you becoming injured. If you are struggling to sleep, you'll want to find out if your problem is the result of posture and whether you need manual therapy.

The Role of Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is guided by the philosophy that a body is built around how it is used. How your body is used is based on your habits and preferences regarding how you carry and use your body. Having a different posture and changing how you move can impact your body's health. 

Posture and Sleep Quality

Your body's posture can have an impact on your ability to sleep. When you do not have a great posture, your body is out of balance. Not only can this interfere with your ability to sleep, but it can also lead to injuries that can cause pain. When you are in pain, you might need to take pain medications or you might simply be unable to fall asleep.

Lifestyle Choices and Sleep Quality

Your body has an impact on how you sleep as well. Aspects of your life that might not seem relevant to your sleep patterns, such as the type of shoes you wear, can actually lead to you struggling to fall asleep. The wrong footwear will have an impact on your gait. If you are walking in a manner that is not efficient, this can have an impact on your entire body.

The Effects of Manual Therapy

A manual therapist will try to facilitate changes to your body that will bring it back into balance so that you'll have an easier time sleeping and will also experience less pain. Initially, you might experience soreness as a result of manual therapy, but this is because you are using your body in a new way. When you adapt to how you are using your muscles, you will discover that you feel less sore and you'll wake up feeling refreshed.

Manual therapy services are the most effective when you also make sure that you are getting enough sleep and are engaging in adequate diet and exercise. When you make the right changes to your lifestyle, you'll have a faster reaction time, more energy and you'll be able to compete at peak performance.