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Learn About Vitamin IV Therapy Here

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New therapies come out and garner attention from the public that help with many health conditions, as well as things like small inconveniences like hangovers or jetlag. Some examples of these types of therapies include things like oxygen therapy and IV vitamin therapy. To learn more about vitamin IV therapy, read the information detailed below.

What is vitamin IV therapy?

Vitamin IV therapy is a type of therapy that is done with the use of an IV, which administers a vitamin concoction that will have specific benefits. Administering the vitamins via an IV allows those vitamins to be received by your body quickly since they won't have to be digested first. The solution can include various vitamins, which means vitamin IV therapy can be customized to give people various benefits at various strengths.

What things can vitamin IV therapy help with?

Different vitamins are good for different conditions. Also, vitamins are good for staying proactive with regards to preventing health conditions from occurring in the near future. Vitamins can also help with short term issues and to help people fend off colds and other sicknesses, like the flu.

With vitamin IV therapy, specific vitamin mixtures will be used depending on what it is that you are hoping to achieve. For example, if you want to quickly boost your immunity because you now know that you have been exposed to a bad cold or flu, then you may be given an IV therapy that has vitamin C in it. This is because vitamin C is known to boost the immune system to help fight off many sicknesses. If you are looking for a way to feel better when you are hung over, then your IV therapy may include a good dose of vitamin B and vitamin C, since these are known to help relieve the symptoms of a hangover.

What is it like to get vitamin IV therapy?

If you decide to give vitamin IV therapy a try, then you may be surprised at how simple the process is. You want to plan on the therapy taking anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing since you will more than likely remain sitting for the therapy. Also, wearing a short-sleeved shirt is suggested so the IV can be placed with ease.

The area where the IV will be inserted will be cleaned with an alcohol swab and the IV will be inserted and then taped in place. After receiving the IV therapy, the IV will be removed and a cotton ball or piece of folded gauze will be held in place with light pressure to help stop bleeding. You will be bandaged up with a band aid or a cotton ball and gauze. Once you have received your therapy, you will be able to leave. If your therapy was to boost energy, then you may start to feel the effects right away.