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See A Doctor If You Experience The Symptoms Of Mono

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Mononucleosis, which people commonly refer to as mono, is a viral disease that people can acquire in many different ways. Although many people can get this virus from kissing, you can also get it from sharing a water bottle with someone on your sports team, exchanging cutlery in a school cafeteria, and through other means. Teens and young adults can often get mono in high school or college, although it's possible to get this disease at other ages. If you notice any of the symptoms that are consistent with mono, contact your local doctor's clinic to set up an appointment.

Extreme Fatigue

Arguably, the most common symptom of mono is a deep level of fatigue. When you're a student, you can get tired for all sorts of reasons. For example, if you've stayed up all night studying for an exam, you'll be very tired the following day. The fatigue that you experience when you have mono is noticeably different in many cases, however. You'll feel so tired that you struggle to keep your eyes open and you may even slur your words. If you take a nap, you might find that it's extremely difficult to get up, even if you've slept for hours and should theoretically be feeling rested.

Throat Irritation

While fatigue is often your strongest indicator that something is wrong, having mono can also result in other symptoms. Many people with this virus experience some degree of throat irritation. Certain people get a very sore throat, while others have more of a minor throat ache. If you aren't aware that you have mono, you might try one or more usual things to lessen the discomfort in your throat — but not experience any change. This can be a warning sign that you could have mono.


There's a good chance that you'll also experience a headache once you contract the mono virus. The severity of the headache can vary, but if you're the type of person who doesn't often develop headaches, this symptom can be a good indicator of the virus. This can especially be true if you try some conventional headache treatment methods and don't notice any change in your symptoms. While the exact type of headache symptoms you notice can vary, you might feel a pain that is consistent with a tension headache. This headache can feel as though something is putting pressure on your head. If you have symptoms that are consistent with mono, plan to see your family doctor promptly.

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