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Understanding Why Concierge Medicine Appeals To Some Patients Today

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You might dread going to the doctor or seeking any kind of medical treatment. You fear what the final bill will cost you. You may also feel like you do not get to spend much time with the doctor in charge of your care.

Instead of using mainstream doctors' offices and medical clinics, you may prefer a more specialized and intimate approach to your medical care. You may get the attention and treatment you prefer when you switch to concierge medicine services.

More Time with the Doctor

When you switch your care to a provider that offers concierge medicine, you may find you get to spend more time with your doctor. The practice might be significantly smaller than the practices of other doctors who work for large hospitals or medical corporations. These physicians may treat thousands of patients each month and spend very little time with each one.

However, your concierge medicine provider may have a smaller practice and be able to spend more one-on-one time with you. You may feel you finally have a healthcare provider who listens to you and strives to understand fully what conditions you suffer from and what concerns you have about your own wellness.

More Transparency

Further, you may prefer concierge medicine services because you get more transparency about how much you will pay for your healthcare. The practice you choose may offer an upfront list of prices so you know what each procedure, medication, or exam costs you before you even show up for your appointment.

This transparency can also help you budget for your healthcare easier. You can set aside the funds in your bank account to cover each of the procedures or medications you need and avoid going into debt because you did not know how much they cost before you opted in for them.

More Control

Finally, concierge medicine may provide you with more control over your healthcare. Because you know what the prices are beforehand, you can opt only for those you want. You can also avoid those treatments or medications that you cannot afford. You may avoid having to abide by the dictates of your health insurance provider and instead work closely with your concierge medicine physician to determine what kind of care you get.

Concierge medicine can give you more control of your healthcare and allow you to spend more time with your physician. You also know what the prices for each procedure or medication is upfront for better budgeting of your healthcare. For more information about concierge medicine, contact a local provider.