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How To Stop The Embarrassing Problem Of Stress Incontinence

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Stress incontinence is an unpleasant problem that many women experience. It affects women of all ages, not just menopausal or post-menopausal women. The causes include obesity (even being thirty pounds overweight can cause you to urinate accidentally), age, child-bearing and child-birthing of two or more children, and drops in female hormones. Regardless of what causes your own stress incontinence, you can reverse it and stop it completely, which means you would not have to shop the incontinence aisle anymore or worry about odor ever again. Here are all of your options for correcting this problem.

Pelvic Floor Exercise with Weighted Vaginal Barbells or Balls

When pelvic floor exercises alone are not enough to correct your current issues with your vagina, urethra, and bladder, your doctor may prescribe weighted vaginal barbells or balls. Each of these devices is inserted into the vagina and held there for a count. Then you eject the weight using just your pelvic floor muscles (no hands!). You repeat this for the prescribed number of reps. As your pelvic floor muscles get a little stronger, the doctor prescribes heavier and heavier barbells or balls. You will notice that you urinate a little at first, but by the time you are using the heaviest barbells or balls, you will not urinate (or should not!) urinate at all.

Weight Loss 

If obesity is the reason or is just a contributing factor to your stress incontinence, your doctor will undoubtedly advise you to lose the weight. After you have lost the weight, your doctor will follow up with you to see if you are still experiencing stress incontinence. If you are, then your doctor may suggest or prescribe another treatment option.

Liposuction and a Tummy Tuck

Liposuction can help remove extra fat deposits that reside over, on top of and around your bladder. Removing these fat deposits will relieve pressure on the bladder and reduce your episodes of stress incontinence. A tummy tuck will pull the abdominal muscles back into position too, which may be contributing to weak bladder muscles and incontinence. It is an invasive surgery, however, so weigh this option carefully.


Thermiva is a minimally invasive procedure that uses radio frequency waves to jumpstart collagen production around your vulva and vagina. The nice side effect to this vaginal restoration procedure is that it fixes the problem with stress incontinence. It really is a two-for-one procedure, although most women who have it done actually request it for the vaginal tightening benefits.

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