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5 Important Steps For Preparing For Cancer Treatment

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 8% of all adult US citizens have had a positive diagnosis for cancer. While this statistic a significant number of people are continually being diagnosed with cancer, survival rates vary greatly. Before being treated by a highly regarded oncologist, take these 5 steps to help prepare yourself mentally for your journey.

1. Eliminate Harmful Habits - Now is the time to reduce unnecessary stress from your life so that your body responds positively to cancer treatment. Harmful habits can be obvious, like smoking, but they can also be less apparent. Analyze your daily routine and find what parts of it can be changed for the better. Developing a healthier lifestyle will not only improve the effects of your cancer treatment, it will also leave you feeling much more empowered.

2. Go Over Finances - Having excellent health insurance is beneficial when considering oncology treatment, but you will want to consider how your personal finances will be impacted. Some people are able to go through cancer treatment while holding down a full-time job or continuing to run their businesses, while others prefer to take temporary leaves of absences.

3. Strengthen Your Support System - Being around those who care for you the most will definitely make going through cancer treatment more bearable. Additionally, finding and adding new members to your support system can be just as important. You can talk to other cancer survivors about what they did to help make the process easier, or even to speak about personal issues that others may not be able to relate to.

4. Ask Your Oncologist For Assistance -  Remember that you and your oncologist have the same goals. It is okay to ask as many questions as you need to feel confident about your particular cancer treatment, just as it is acceptable for you to do your own research and fact checking. By asking your oncologist questions and feeling more confident in his or her skill set, you will feel better about the process.

5. Do What You Love - Cancer treatment is about healing a person, inside and out. While your oncologist will be focused on the physical element, continuing to do what you love can have a marked effect on your soul. Partake in hobbies, new and old, to keep your spirits high and give you lots to look forward to in the future.

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