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Should You Use A Store Clinic?

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In recent years, you have been able to visit certain retail establishments and get more than clothing or makeup. Some chain stores now offer health care in the form of store clinics, small medical clinics that specialize in the treatment of common ailments like a sinus infection or the flu. Although you may wonder if you can get quality care in the same place that you can stock up on socks, many of these clinics are good choices for common medical conditions. 

Urgent Care

The store clinic does have a different purpose than the average urgent care facility. Those clinics are often located in hospitals or full-service medical clinics and offer a broader range of treatments, although they also deal with colds, strep throats, and other conditions that store clinics can handle. An urgent care clinic would be better able to process a variety of lab tests and offer emergency treatment if your minor problem turned into something more serious. However, because urgent care facilities offer more services, the wait to see a doctor can be longer than at a store medical facility. 

Store Clinic

Using the store clinics do provide you with certain advantages. For instance, if you have a bladder infection but do not want to miss work to get medication, a store clinic can easily serve your purpose. You should be able to see a healthcare professional quickly, either before work, after work, or even during your lunch hour. Also, these clinics are located in stores that contain pharmacies, so you can get your prescription filled on site quickly and efficiently. In a short period of time, you can get the care you need and get on with your day.


Many of these clinics have a price list that lets you know just what you will be paying to have ear wax removed or splinters extracted. If you do not have insurance, these clinics are a good way to get low-cost care when you need it. If you do have insurance, check your benefits before you seek treatment to see if your coverage extends to these facilities. You should know exactly how much the short wait will cost you.

Using store clinics can be a good idea. They are fast and usually reasonably priced and can allow you to quickly return to your daily schedule. They are best at providing preventative care such as physicals and vaccinations and treating minor conditions. When used appropriately, these clinics are a valuable addition to your medical choices.