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How To Tell You Have Made An Excellent Choice In Pediatric Doctors

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Choosing from dozens of pediatric doctors in your area can be quite an overwhelming task. You want to make sure you get a doctor that is good with kids and really understands your children. Most of the time, parents are successful in their choice of doctors for their children, but there is always someone who just is not a good fit for your family. Here is how you can tell if you have made an excellent choice in pediatric doctors for your kids.

The Doctor Is Fun and Playful with the Kids, but Serious and Professional with You

Kids are naturally scared of going to the doctor (except for those couple of kids that actually enjoy it). As such, your children's doctor should be fun and playful in order to help the anxious children relax. In responding to your concerns about your child's health, growth and development, he or she should always be professional and serious when the situation calls for it. Ergo, you have a really good pediatrician when you have someone who can flex between moods and behaviors and flex between interaction with the children and interaction with you.

The Doctor Does Not Prescribe Antibiotics or Regulated Drugs Unnecessarily

A really good pediatrician listens and observes carefully. When a parent is concerned about an illness, the pediatrician makes sure that an infection is not present in the body and does not prescribe an antibiotic "just in case." The same holds true for parents that request regulated drugs such as Ritalin and Paxil. Drugs for ADHD and anxiety or depression should not be prescribed unnecessarily. The best pediatricians will request to see reports on the child's behavior and the possible need for such medications before prescribing them.

The Doctor Loves Children, Is Passionate about Helping Them and Looks for Answers

Finally, you know you have made the right choice in pediatricians when your children's doctor shows a clear love for children, is passionate about helping children and does not stop looking for answers to your children's health problems. He or she seems very happy and content in his/her career, and the children adore their doctor as though he/she were part of your family. Whenever your child has a strange illness, rash or unexplained medical concern, your children's doctor digs deep to find answers and prescribe medicines that should help, and when he/she cannot find the answer alone, your children's doctor refers you to someone who can.