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Important Reasons To Never Skip Your Child's Well Check

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Children are supposed to see their pediatrician to get a well check every year. This is a yearly physical that ensures your child is in good health. Many people think that a well check isn't important because it would be obvious to the parent if there was an issue. However, potential health issues can be difficult to detect without testing and often go undiagnosed without a proper exam. Here are some important reasons why you should get a well check for your children once per year.


Your kids don't need immunizations every year, but if you skip a few well checks, you might accidentally miss some immunizations. Children have to receive immunizations in a series to become fully immune to deadly diseases. If they wait too long before receiving an immunization in a series, they could wind up not being immune to the disease even after receiving all of their vaccinations. Vaccinations not only protect them from diseases, but they also protect all of the children who are allergic to vaccines or who too immunocompromised to receive them. Make sure you go to every well check visit to ensure your child is fully vaccinated on schedule.

Growth Problems

Children are weighed and measured at every appointment. The pediatrician will often tell you which percentile they are in. Meaning, how tall and heavy they are compared to other kids their age. If they're in the 90th percentile, they're larger than 90% of children their age. If they're in the 10th percentile, they're only larger than 10% of children their age. The percentile they're in doesn't usually matter as long as they're on the chart. What generally matters is that they stay in the same percentile (or close to it) as they grow. If a child was in the 90th percentile and then is in the 5th a year or two later, it could indicate an illness that is hindering your child's development. When you're with your child every day, it's difficult to notice these things on your own.

Other Illnesses & Disorders

There is a wide range of illnesses and disorders that can go undiagnosed, from ADHD to leukemia. Many illnesses can spread and become more life-threatening the longer they go untreated. Taking a quick trip to the doctor once a year can save your child's life. Make sure you don't skip the well checks so any illness your child could have is caught as soon as possible.

As you can see, well checks are extremely important. If your child hasn't had one in more than a year, make sure you make an appointment at a doctor's office such as Kids First Pediatrics Of Fayetteville as soon as possible.