Surviving a Summer Cold

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Six Signs Your Elderly Parent Needs Prompt Medical Attention

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Elderly people can catch colds and the flu, and they can periodically feel under the weather just like younger people. Not every sniffle or ache is a sign that your elderly parent needs medical attention. However, since an older person’s life is more fragile than that of a younger person, you do need to be on the lookout for some specific signs that they do need prompt medical attention. If your parent displays any of these signs, take them to a medical clinic — or emergency room — ASAP. Read More»

3 Reasons You Should Participate In Paid Medical Research For Obesity

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Obesity is a common health problem that increases your risk of chronic diseases and other obesity-related conditions. If you are struggling with your weight, paid research is one opportunity to find a strategy that may help you lose weight or help further research to better understand the condition. 1. Access To Study Medications In some cases, researchers develop medications that are specifically designed to help with obesity, or they might want to try a combination of medications that are already on the market. Read More»

Things You Should Know About In-Home Care Providers

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In-home care can be an invaluable option for individuals that are experiencing difficulties caring for themselves. While it is common for elderly individuals and those with disabilities or injuries to use these services, there are commonly asked questions that will need to be answered. Will The Service Be Discrete? There are many individuals that may want to avoid using an in-home care provider that will be extremely noticeable. In addition to privacy concerns, this will often be a result of the fact that would-be criminals will often have a preference for individuals that are either elderly or infirm. Read More»

3 Things to Consider Before Visiting the Emergency Room

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Visiting the emergency room is something that most people try avoid as much as possible. However, if you become ill or injured, the emergency room is often the best place to seek care. Emergency care is also often the best option whenever your doctor is unavailable or when it is after hours at other medical facilities. While a visit to the emergency room is often required, there are a few things that you should know before you make the trip. Read More»